Contemporary Freight Forwarding

We bring a modern touch to the world of freight forwarding,
ensuring cutting-edge solutions for logistics and transport.

Providing our clients with end to end visibility with a varied network of carriers, ensuring price & service optimisation.

A Freight Forwarder Company Can Transform Your Business

Does your business involve selling goods? If so, import and export will be a major part of it. As an experienced freight forwarding company, we know about all the things that can go wrong in this process.

Before they find us, our clients often struggle to keep up with the demands of running their business.

If you want to maximise the chances of business success, you need a well-established freight forwarder services provider. UK-based business owners will receive comprehensive services from UK shipping companies, like GenX Freight with one common goal in mind – transforming your business.

Services We Offer

As a logistics & freight company based in the UK, we’ve helped countless clients turn a corner in their business. We’re also there to give you professional advice when necessary unlike other freight companies. With GenX Freight, you get complete freight services to suit individual needs. As international freight forwarders, we provide various options to look for. Here’s what we do best.

What Do We Do for You Exactly?

We understand that partnering with a freight forwarder can be a big step. Especially if you’re only just starting your business.

But real changes will occur only if you hire the most genuine one amongst the freight forwarders companies. UK business owners that move freight domestically and internationally can expect the following benefits.

  • A Freight Forwarder Company Saves You Time

  • A Freight Forwarder Company Saves You Energy

  • A Freight Forwarder Company Saves You Money


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