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Have you ever wondered how space shuttles are moved?

Project Cargo Services

Have you ever wondered how space shuttles are moved? Or how gas and oil companies transport massive pipelines and rig components?

The logistical processes that make these international shipments possible are called project freight services.

Is your business in an industry that requires extensive project cargo services with planning?

If so, you’ll need to partner up with a project cargo freight forwarder. UK clients looking for these services will require customised solutions provided by our project cargo logistical experts.

Your assigned project cargo services expert will be with you from the project’s start to its finish
  • A project cargo services professional will oversee your entire cargo transport project to ensure everything goes smoothly
  • They will hear out your transport requirements and make sure that they are executed as arranged
  • Project cargo services specialists make comprehensive solutions for your international shipping needs, goals, and obligations
Create a fully-comprehensive freight plan with our project cargo specialists, who will see that everything is carried out as agreed upon.

Global Project Cargo Services Experts

There are certain cargo companies in UK, like GenX Freight, that employs cargo experts that help with every single service you opt for. Whether we’re talking about a major delivery project or oversized equipment transport, we’ve got you covered.

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